TIPBITS, our club’s strategy newsletter, comes out every Tuesday. Recent issues are listed below. 

Issue 335 Angled Touch Drop Volley

Issue 334 Fourth Shot Options

Issue 333 Keep the Net

Issue 332 The Middle Man

Issue 331 Watching The Return

Issue 330 Time To Recap

Issue 329 Change of Pace

Issue 328 Chip and Charge Follow Up

Special Issue Nickelball

Issue 327 Chip and Charge: How to do it

Issue 326 Chip and Charge! What is is?

Issue 325 Another return of serve option: In Play

Issue 324 Return in play and get to the net

Issue 323 Where to Stand on the Return

Issue 322 Earn the Net

Issue 321 Steps to the Net

Issue 320 The Third Shot Dilemma

Issue 319 Third shot where?

Issue 318 LOOK for the GIFT on the Third Shot

Below are PDF’s of our TIPBITS books. Clicking on the images will bring you to the year listed on the cover.