TIPBITS, our club’s strategy newsletter, comes out every Tuesday. Recent issues are listed below. 

Issue 361 Focus and Confidence

Issue 360 Time To Recap

Issue 359 More on the Mental Side

Issue 358 The Mental Side

Issue 357 The Power of Positive Reinforcement

Issue 356 The Poacher

Issue 355 Another Signaled Poach

Issue 354 First Poach Planning

Issue 353 First Poach

Issue 352 The Poach

Issue 351 Stack on Defense

Issue 350 Time to Recap

Issue 349 Position for the Power Position


Issue 347 What Side Am I Supposed To Be On?

Issue 346 The 5th Shot

Issue 345 Dink with a purpose

Issue 344 Footwork at the Net

Issue 343 Backhand Diagonal Shots

Issue 342 More Soft Game Strokes

Issue 341 Soft Game Strokes

Issue 340 Time to Recap

Issue 339 Soft Game Mechanics

Issue 338 Why The Soft Game

Below are PDF’s of our TIPBITS books. Clicking on the images will bring you to the year listed on the cover.