TIPBITS, our club’s strategy newsletter, comes out every Tuesday. Recent issues are listed below. 

Issue 295 Becoming a ref

Issue 294 Stop or Drop Volleys

Issue 293 Good Sportsmanship

Issue 292 Paddles and Distractions

Issue 291 Reestablishing

Issue 290 More on the Erne

Issue 289 The Erne Shot

Issue 288 The scissor kick

Issue 287 Poaching clarified

Issue 286 Poaching part 2

Issue 285 Poaching

Issue 284 The proper stance

Issue 283 Practice, Practice, Practice

Issue 282 PDF’s now online

Issue 281 One thing needed to improve

Issue 280 Bad sportsmanship

Issue 279 Serving & returning out of order II

Issue 278 Serving or returning out of order I

Issue 277 Maintaining focus

Issue 276 The right return


Below are PDF’s of our TIPBITS books. Clicking on the images will bring you to the year listed on the cover.