TIPBITS, our club’s strategy newsletter, comes out every Tuesday. Recent issues are listed below.

Issue 407 Open Or Closed Face

Issue 406 Dealing with a Backspin Return

Issue 405 Dealing with a Spin Serve

Issue 404 How to Counter Spin!

Issue 403 Counter Spin!

Issue 402 Spin Trends (Use)

Issue 401 Spin Trends

Issue 400 Time To Recap

Issue 399 More Topspin

Issue 398 Hitting Topspin 

Issue 397 Topspin Uses

Issue 396 Spins

Issue 395 More on That Grip

Issue 394 How to hold your paddle

Issue 393 Lower Your Profile

Issue 392 Low Profile Wide Stance

Issue 391 Ready Positions











Below are PDF’s of our TIPBITS books. Clicking on the images will bring you to the year listed on the cover.