TIPBITS, our club’s strategy newsletter, comes out every Tuesday. Recent issues are listed below.

Issue 395 More on That Grip

Issue 394 How to hold your paddle

Issue 393 Lower Your Profile

Issue 392 Low Profile Wide Stance

Issue 391 Ready Positions

Issue 390 Time to Recap

Issue 388 Moving on (From an Advanced Intermediate)

Issue 387 Moving on (From a Beginning Intermediate)

Issue 386 Moving on (Percentages)

Issue 385 Moving On (All Levels)

Issue 384 Moving on (Advancing Beginner-Part 3) 

Issue 383 Moving On (Advancing Beginner-Part 2)

Issue 382 Moving On

Issue 381 Your Assessment









Below are PDF’s of our TIPBITS books. Clicking on the images will bring you to the year listed on the cover.