Referee Support

Being a referee improves your own game and lets you give back to the sport!

Remember : You are human and mistakes will happen…admit them, clarify, communicate and carry on!

Know the rules, practice scoring games, and remember…YOU are not the “show”, your goal is to give the players a fair match and to keep the match moving. When asked a question, stay positive and give clear, calm answers. Easiest piece of advice on how to ref…what kind of ref do YOU like when YOU play…be that ref! (calm, knowledgeable and decisive)

Referee Resources:

Villages Referee Training Tools:


Referee Training and Practice Sessions (NO sessions June-August):

  • 1st Friday each month 1pm at Miona Rec Center INSIDE – video / classroom training FOLLOWED by practice outside – NEW refs or those wanting a review session
  • 2nd Friday each month 2pm at Miona Rec Center OUTSIDE at courts – we will have Level 1 and Level 2 courts each month but Level 3 only available as referees are ready.
  • Chance to practice at certain weekly leagues (info shared at Miona training sessions and via email)
  • Chance to shadow ref monthly Villages tournaments
  • Chance to ref (AFTER notified by Villages head ref or by ref you are shadowing during a tourney)
  • Mentors available to guide you toward Certification if desired

USAPA Resources

  1. USAPA Referee Training Video (Intro to being a ref)
  2. USAPA Scoresheets for Download
  3. USAPA Rulebooks (download electronic copy or order print copy)
  4. Many additional resources available HERE at the USAPA Referee Training Tools Page
  5. NOTE: To become a CERTIFIED REF scroll down to bottom of USAPA Training Tools Page. We highly encourage you to become a USAPA member to support the governing body of our sport AND to gain access to many resources ONLY available to USAPA members (Ref Handbook and Casebook which are essential training tools)